Therapists and Social Workers
1. Doron Agasi 
Managing social worker for Keren HaYeled 
2. Tzivia Alkobi
In charge of boys aged 6-10 Rehabilitaion
3. Chana Shemesh
Responsible for boys age 10-13 Rehablitation
4. Gil Ronen
Responsible for Mishpachtonim (family style apartments)
5. Sigalit Aviad 
Resposable for High School program
6. Sarah Dobaginsky
Responsible for girls aged 6-12 and the intake of girls
7. Nili Gelman
Student Teacher - responsible for 6 children
8. Racheli Gutman
Student Teacher - responsible for 6 children
9. Gittel Naim
Student Teacher - responsible for 6 children
10. Anat Nor  
After school care social worker

The social workers receive weekly guidance from Mrs. Ava Tzelik, Clinical Social Worker.

Keren HaYeled has received recognition from the Michlelet Yehuda and Shomron, who sends their education and socialwork students to Keren HaYeled for their practicum sessions. They receive practical guidance and instruction from the orphanage's on-site social worker, Mrs. Tzivia Alkobi.